What Every Albany Homeowner Should Expect from an Energy Audit

There’s a term that’s been flying around in the home performance sector for quite some time now, and for good reason: home energy audit. A home energy audit is essentially a checkup for your home. Just as you need to visit the doctor on occasion or perform maintenance on a vehicle, it’s important to check in on the current state of your home from time to time in order to ensure that everything is working properly. This is where an energy audit comes in, and it can help to have an idea of what to expect once you’ve scheduled an appointment.

Homeowners living in Syracuse or Albany, NY owe it to themselves to have a home energy audit performed this summer to avoid living through a repeat of the conditions from this past winter, including excessive drafts, high heat bills, ice dams and resulting water damage. Here are a few things to expect once it comes time.Energy Audit Albany NY

Home Envelope Testing 

The R-value and air tightness of your home will be tested to determine the overall health of your home envelope. By using a blower door test, we can measure the amount of air that is either escaping from or entering your home. Windows and doors are well-known culprits for energy waste, and a blower door test can help to isolate any issues that may be at play.

Attic Insulation Analysis

Issues related to inadequate attic insulation in Albany and Syracuse area homes are very common, and often affect home performance in an extremely negative manner. Energy loss often occurs via  the attic, and when insulation isn’t sufficient, you may end up experiencing home comfort issues. A home energy audit can help you to determine the best route to take going forward.

HVAC System Checkup

Your home’s HVAC system has an immense impact on home performance, whether it be positive or negative. A heating or air conditioning system in Albany or Syracuse,  should be checked on regularly in order to ensure that there are no issues at play, as problems can actually become quite dangerous if left to get worse. Sometimes, old HVAC equipment is the source of many other problems found within the home. 

Health and Safety Evaluation 

Health and safety issues cannot be stressed too much since failing to address them may prove disastrous. They must be inspected and measured in order to ensure that your family isn’t in danger. We’ll test for carbon monoxide and look for allergens and molds that may be causing negative air quality within your home. 

Finding a Solution 

A home energy audit is just the first step towards improving home performance. Once we’ve analyzed your home, we’ll help to put together a plan that will solve any problems that we uncovered during the energy audit. There are various incentives available that can make upgrading and improving your home easier than ever before, and we’ll discuss those with you as well.

It’s time to get started. Call us today to learn more and to schedule a home energy audit.

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