Zerodraft Offers Services Through Solar Tompkins HeatSmart Program

Fall is in full swing here in CNY, which has many homeowners getting ready to turn their heating systems back on after a beautiful stretch of summer weather. Despite living in a state where the “green” movement is gaining more and more ground each day, many residents in Ithaca and Cortland Counties are still heating their homes with fossil fuels. Some believe they simply don’t have the money to upgrade their heating system, while others are in the dark about how to move forward and don’t know where to turn. The thing is, there are options available to help you move in the direction of reducing your home’s energy consumption.

Solar Tompkins Zerodraft

At Zerodraft, we want to assist as many homeowners as possible when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of their home. We fully support SolarTompkins’ efforts to encourage awareness and adoption of home performance improvements such as building envelope, insulation and heating & cooling enhancements, and Air Source Heat Pumps such as those offered in the HeatSmart program.

What is HeatSmart?

HeatSmart is a program designed specifically for residents in Tompkins County who are looking to move away from fossil fuels and heat their homes as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Through deploying highly efficient air-and-ground source heat pumps, the HeatSmart program allows homeowners who have historically relied upon oil, natural gas or propane to heat their homes without having to worry about depleting nonrenewable resources.

Advancements in heat hump technology, such as those of Fujitsu’s Halcyon Flex Inverter XLTH models, allow for heating down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit, (temperatures which are realistic around the Ithaca/Cortland area.

HeatSmart isn’t just about the installation of heat pumps, though. Even the highest quality heat pumps need to be combined with high quality insulation and proper air sealing techniques in order to keep conditioned air from escaping and unconditioned air from entering the home. The program also helps homeowners make these types of valuable home performance upgrades, and the team at Zerodraft will determine exactly what work needs to be performed in order to get your home back on the right track.

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