How to Tell if You Need New Windows

new windows infographic syracuse

High Energy Bills

If your windows are not Energy Star rated, you could be greatly increasing your heating and cooling costs!

Condensation on windows

When warm, moist air contacts a cooler surface, such as window glass that is letting in cold air, it cannot hold as much water vapor so it condenses onto the cool surface. This can also cause frost on the inside of the windows during the summer.

You Can Feel a Draft

Rooms with windows don’t have to be drafty. Energy efficient window will keep your conditioned air indoors.

Hard to open/close

Windows can build up dirt, dust and debris over time, creating friction and making the windows difficult to open and close. Windows can also shift overtime making motion difficult, new windows glide open and close effortlessly.

Internal seal failure visible

Moisture can get in between window panes and cause a discoloration of the window This can be a sign of excess moisture, even if the discoloration is not wet!

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