Energy Savings MythBusters Part 1

Energy Saving MythsMyths proliferate everywhere, especially in this social media age – even here in upstate New York! When it comes to energy efficiency, there are a lot of half-truths floating around. Below are 3 common energy saving myths, and Zerodraft is here to bust them.

Myth #1: New homes are always more energy efficient than older homes.

A home's energy efficiency is less related to its age than it is the construction and design. While most new homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, important aspects can often be overlooked. Lack of proper insulation is a common flaw in new homes. This can greatly affect the efficiency of even the most modern home comfort systems.

Myth #2: Setting the temperature higher heats the home faster.

If you have ever gotten home after a cold day and felt the need to be warm immediately, you may have been tempted to turn the thermostat up to 80 in the hopes that it would get your home to a comfortable temperature quickly. In most cases, a furnace will produce heat at its max power when it is first turned on. The only thing that setting the thermostat too high does is cause the furnace to run longer and eventually make you uncomfortably hot.

Myth #3: Buying a large air conditioner will automatically save you money.

We all have that neighbor who has the biggest truck and largest boat on the block, and maybe he has the biggest conditioner too. But when it comes to AC systems bigger is not always better. High-efficiency air conditioners can save you money, but if your AC unit is not right-sized for your home it could have the opposite effect.

In addition to AC sizing, you should consider home insulation and air sealing. A good system only works if it’s not sending cool air straight to the outside.

Zerodraft is your local energy efficiency specialist, and we know the truth in home performance. Call us today to learn more and take advantage of our proven solutions!

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