Seal the Cracks!

Seal The Cracks Zerodraft

The fall weather is finally here in NY, and while many homeowners are enjoying the crisp, clean air, it’s impossible to deny the fact that winter is not far away. Now is the time to start thinking about whether or not your home is properly equipped to deal with the wintery weather that will inevitably hit. To offset the cold, a lot of homeowners place focus on insulation and air sealing, the latter of which is essential to ensuring that conditioned air within your home doesn’t disappear.

Home performance upgrades like air sealing and insulation can make all the difference in the world in terms of home comfort. Sadly, many lower-income families cannot afford to have work such as this performed, which causes countless New York residents to suffer through cold, drafty winters. This is why Zerodraft is a proud participant in Sustainable Tompkins’ Seal the Cracks initiative to help those in need pay for valuable home performance upgrades.

What is Seal the Cracks?

Seal the Cracks is an initiative to help low-income residents afford home upgrades such as insulation and air sealing this fall and winter. Hosted by Sustainable Tompkins, the fall campaign aims to raise $10,000 to assist the less fortunate with gap-financing to pay for home energy improvements. To date, over $4,000 has been donated by 25 businesses, organizations and individuals, and 214.5 tons of carbon offset have been reported.

Zerodraft’s Participation

At Zerodraft, we believe that all New York homeowners deserve to live in a warm, comfortable environment when the snow starts falling. This is why we’ve pledged to offset emissions from our fleet of trucks and cars. This amounts to 25 tons of carbon emissions (32,000 car miles) that won’t enter into the air, all through giving out grants through the Finger Lakes Climate Fund. We’re doing what we can to help Seal the Cracks, reach the program’s goal of $10,000.

Insulation and Air Sealing Your Home This Fall

The Seal the Cracks initiative is just another reminder that now is a crucial time to focus on air sealing and insulation. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a home energy audit, during which we’ll determine exactly how airtight your home is and prescribe recommendations so that winter drafts don’t get you down.

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