Reasons to get Spray Foam Insulation This Summer

Spray Foam Insulation Albany NYIt’s the height of summer right now in Albany, NY – that time of year when your energy bill becomes THE BILL. Your indoor lighting usage has probably decreased, but cooling demand has increased enough to make your total tab more than it was during March, April and May. Despite the high energy usage, you may be noticing that your home still isn’t entirely cool and comfortable. Muggy hot spots have emerged in various rooms.

What’s happening behind the scenes in your home to create this “perfect storm” of high usage and low comfort? Like we said in our last blog, insulation is not just for the winter. Basically, most homes have air sealing and insulation issues that cause problems year-round.

Spray foam insulation fixes multiple problems at once

Spray foam creates a moisture, air and vapor barrier around your walls, floor and ceiling to improve your home envelope (the “shell” of your home). It also acts as one of the most efficient insulating materials on the market today, trapping cool air inside during summer and keeping cold air out during winter.

Our spray foam insulation consistently has a higher R-value than fiberglass insulation. It also has a longer life expectancy.

Spray foam insulation expands to fit the exact shape your are trying to insulate, so for the most unique and hard-to-reach parts of the house spray foam is the answer. In the summer this is important because it keeps out allergens like pollen and reduces moisture – which can lead to mold.

2 options for spray foam insulation in Albany, NY

There’s a bit of confusion about spray foam because there are 2 different types. Before deciding which of the 2 is right for your needs, talk to us and learn more about the pros and cons.

Open-cell spray foam This is the lighter, less dense type of spray foam insulation. It’s also cheaper, which is great for homeowners who need to stick to a tight budget. On the downside, open-cell SPF has less R-value (insulating power) than closed-cell SPF. Open-cell also does not create the type of water vapor barrier mentioned above.

Closed-cell spray foam This is the denser, more structural type of spray foam insulation. It’s more expensive than open-cell SPF, but once it has cured it will form a completely rigid barrier against water vapor, heat and other factors.

NY summers can get muggy and hot – don’t let your home be affected

Call Zerodraft today to learn all about the benefits of spray foam insulation. When you feel the increased comfort in your home – and when you see THE BILL knocked down to size again – you’ll be glad you brought us in!

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