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Building Envelope

building envelope
A building’s comfort and efficiency is only as good as its sealing and insulation! Think of your building as having an entire shield around it, or envelope. Cold drafts in the winter, wide temperature swings, damaging ice and water issues are all signs that your building’s “shell” or “envelope” is leaking. Poorly performing buildings waste valuable energy and create a costly expense. But there is a better way.

Zerodraft specializes in the diagnosis and correction of building envelope deficiencies in existing commercial buildings of all sizes and uses. We ensure that your commercial building has the proper air barrier system and construction to create a tight seal and quality airflow. Zerodraft can either retrofit or newly construct your insulation to maximize your efficiency. We also provide window and door weatherization and replacement to eliminate leaking valuable heat or air conditioning.

Excess air leakage can pump moisture into the walls, which can cause steel corrosion, saturate in-wall insulation, and create an environment for mold in cold or warm spaces. Air leakage can also cause icing and ice damage on roof, causing expensive building and health risks. Your indoor air quality also suffers by poor sealing and insulation. A bad seal allows good air to escape, while trapping polluted air inside.

Zerodraft’s highly skilled technicians have the training and real-life experience to carry out large commercial, retail, industrial or other building air sealing. Through a variety of innovative products and services, we ensure your complex is sealed properly, insulated and weatherized to ensure measurable cost-savings. Our commercial clients receive the highest level of service while reaping the benefits of a more comfortable, efficient and effective building.

Benefits of Air Sealing

  • Save energy and operating costs for the lifetime of the building
  • Improve building durability and sustainability
  • Increase comfort with a consistent temperature
  • Better air quality, limiting the risk of condensation and other pollutants
  • Decrease equipment needs for effective operation

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