ZeroDraft: Commercial

Commercial Office

commercial officeZeroDraft has been working with commercial customers to improve the reliability of their mission critical infrastructure since 2004. ZeroDraft combines our industry knowledge and high quality service to offer a broad range of solutions to a variety of commercial customers in New York as well as the Northeast.

In a commercial building, a properly sealed envelope/shell and an efficient HVAC system can help save energy, cut absenteeism, and improve occupant productivity. For most commercial facilities, the building envelope, mechanical infrastructure, and lighting systems represent the core of your energy expense as well as being the key variable to achieving occupant comfort. Consequently, you need a reliable and knowledgeable team like ZeroDraft to maintain repair, and upgrade this valuable portfolio of building assets.

By partnering with ZeroDraft, you will be afforded the “peace of mind” via a single point of contact for your weatherization, HVAC, and lighting solution needs. In fulfilling these needs, ZeroDraft will reduce your owning and operating costs while improving the comfort of your facility.