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Commercial Energy Assessment

energy assessmentLike a doctors visit, sometimes a building needs a thorough examination to see if it’s sick. ZeroDraft offers a variety of energy assessments and analysis to see if there are areas of your building that can be improved. Based on our results, we’ll educate you on options that are available for you to save money, cut energy costs and increase efficiencies.

Like any doctors visit, every building and situation is different. We have a variety of tests that will match your specific needs. Here are just a few of the options we offer to your building or facility.

BPI and LEED Certified Analysis: This detailed analysis checks every aspect of your building from the outside envelope and sealing to room-by-room elements. After a battery of tests, we find areas where your money, comfort and efficiency is leaking from your building. ZeroDraft then offers effective solutions for you to consider.

Air Leakage and Thermographic Testing (Non-invasive): Our Infrared cameras and testing allow us to use color and heat sensors to determine exactly where the heat loss is coming from. We then focus our treatments and use the highest quality products to close all of the gaps and seams in your home. You can’t see it with the naked eye, but our high-powered Thermographic equipment will identify your problem areas.

Energy Reduction Plans and Studies: ZeroDraft will help you develop a plan to reduce your energy, cut costs and live and work more comfortably. This plan will result from in-depth studies and create a down-to-earth guide on how you, your staff or residents can help reduce energy consumption in your building.

Air Barrier Commissioning (Building and Assembly Level): In order to ensure high performance of your building, our experts have the experience to conduct an air barrier or air tightness testing with fan pressurization and depressurization to accurately determine the normalized air leakage rate of a large building. This is often needed for new or retrofitted buildings.

Staff / Occupant Training and Education Programs: ZeroDraft is proud to offer training and education to your staff or occupants to help ensure energy efficiency. Knowledge and awareness are key to the success of an efficient building. Also, simple steps can be taken by all members to advance cost-saving measures. ZeroDraft is here to help.

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