ZeroDraft: Commercial


undefinedZeroDraft understands that hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities focus first on the needs of the patient. These facilities operate 24/7 and require reliability and minimized downtime. ZeroDraft is sensitive to the healthcare environment and performs upgrades unobtrusively to the critical and continuous operations of the facility.

Because of the priority structure focused on patient care, energy efficiency is often overlooked. Renovations to the building structure can often create energy “leaks.” With newer technologies and techniques, ZeroDraft can effectively address these issues to streamline your consumption and reduce your energy bills. Through a series of diagnostics, recommendations, and implementation, ZeroDraft balances your energy needs with outstanding service, seamlessly. As a result, your staff, patients, visitors, and business will be more comfortable and thriving.

Energy Upgrade Benefits Include:

  • More efficient and healthier work environment
  • More comfortable staff, visitors, and patients
  • Lower utility bills and operating costs
  • Increased equipment reliability and reduced downtime