ZeroDraft: Commercial

Multi Family Housing

multi family housingZeroDraft has cut-its-teeth in the commercial market with Multi-Family housing. Residents and owners alike want very little disruption while work is being performed. Additionally, having workers in an out of people’s apartments can foster demanding situations at times. ZeroDraft has tried and true methods for successfully working in these challenging environments.

Due to the inherent nature of Multi-Family buildings, compartmentalization becomes a key factor in keeping the residents safe, comfortable, and happy. Each apartment needs to be as separate and sealed from adjoining apartments as practical. This prevents odors, smoke, excessive noise, and conditioned air from infiltrating between spaces. ZeroDraft can properly analyze individual apartments for this with a multiple blower-door configuration to neutralize planes for an accurate reading. When finding and retaining good residents is always a challenge, ZeroDraft’s expertise in efficient compartmentalization, and other energy saving measures, can give the owner a profitable advantage in today’s real estate market.

Energy Upgrade Benefits Include:

  • Increased property values and curb appeal
  • Lower energy costs and utility bills
  • Greatly reduced water consumption and sewer charges
  • Cleaner, quieter, and healthier apartments
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Fewer resident turnovers and complaints
  • Less maintenance cost and time
  • Happier residents