Infrared Imaging

Are you always cold no matter how high you turn up your heat? Your house may be leaking, which means your hard earned money and comfort are most likely leaking right out of your home.

Zerodraft can help. Our infrared imaging camera will identify where your leak is coming from. This special technology allows us to locate all of the areas in your home that are costing you a fortune. The images use color and heat sensors to determine exactly where the heat loss is coming from. You can’t see it with the naked eye, but you can certainly feel it in the comfort of your home.

Our Infrared Imaging services allow us to focus our treatments and use the highest quality products to close all of the gaps and seams in your home. We make sure your home is airtight, hence our name, Zerodraft.

1. Exterior of a home: You can see the considerable heat loss through the roofline and windows demonstrated by the white areas. The roof of this building is actually performing like a piece of glass.2. Commercial building: There is a great amount of heat loss through the glass surfaces of the waiting room. The bright areas are warmer.3. Heat loss around a door: As you can see the bottom of the door is poorly weather-stripped and is almost 13 degrees colder than the walls.4. Insulated wall next to a cold storm door: The studs show up in the cavity as colder because of the insulation adjacent to them.5. Bay window: The insulation is visible between the studs and holds heat better compared to the wood studs between them. You can see the cold air leakage in the corners represented in blue.6. Under insulated areas of the house: While the majority of the home's exterior is the same color, notice the heavy white band of heat loss along the middle of the roof.7. Heated porch with a very under insulated roof: The roof is actually hot in comparison to the rest of the home.
8. Cold areas around a new window installation: This window was installed without a thermal break between the units and there is more than 20 degrees difference between the glass and the frame.9. Cold air leaking into a building: Due to poor air sealing at the roof wall interface, cold air is leaking in. As you can see the dark areas are 15 degrees colder than the light ones.10. Poorly sealed exhaust vent: This vent is allowing cold air to infiltrate into the building. The colder air is represented by blue11. Heat loss through the windows of a large apartment high-rise12. Air leakage around the corner of an improperly air-sealed window: There is a 20-degree difference from molding to wall.13. Improperly sealed recessed lighting: These types of lights are notorious for allowing heated air to escape from the inside of the buildings into cold, unconditioned attics. Proper air sealing is critical for this type of lighting.14. Finished wall cavity next to a cold storm door: The wall was possibly in the past. Through this image it is very clear where the insulation has settled in the wall cavity creating cold spots shown in green.

Possible areas where your heat could be escaping:

  • Windows
  • Exterior Doors
  • Bay and Picture Windows
  • Exhaust Vents
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Storm Doors
  • Under Insulated Roofs

Call Zerodraft today and we’ll bring our thermography camera out, find your problem and solve it. Then you will be comfortable and saving money on your utility bills.