On-Bill Recovery Financing Program

The On-Bill Recovery Financing Program allows homeowners to finance home energy efficiency improvements through a charge on your utility bill. The repayment amount is based on the projected savings on your energy bills.

As a BPI certified contractor, Zerodraft Home Energy Specialists are accredited to perform a comprehensive home energy assessment and recommend energy improvements that qualify for financial support through the On-Bill Recovery Financial Program. 

This program provides financial support to make your project even more affordable by paying for your energy improvements on your utility bill through NYSERDA. It’s a convenient way to finance improvements that make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. The payments appear as a separate line item on your utility bill and are financed at a special low interest rate. 

One of the greatest benefits of this program is that payments are transferable if you sell your property.

Customers of the following utilities are eligible for the On-Bill Recovery FinancingProgram:

  • Central Hudson Gas and Electric
  • Con Edison
  • Long Island Power Authority,
  • New York State Electric and Gas Corporation
  • National Grid (upstate NY customers only)
  • Orange and Rockland
  • Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation

Contact the Zerodraft team to learn more about Residential On-Bill Recovery Loans and other financing options. To apply for the On-Bill Recovery Financing Program at Energy Finance Solutions, read the Frequently Asked Questions

Call 800-455-9376 to see if the program is right for you and to schedule your free home energy evaluation.