Are drafty windows costing you a fortune?

Windows and Doors

A fresh breeze is nice in the summer, but a breeze coming through your closed windows and doors during the frigid New York winters, is not. Drafty and old windows might be causing your home to be uncomfortable, inefficient and expensive to heat.

Replacing your windows and doors in Syracuse, Utica, Ithaca, Rome, and Cortland may be the best long term solution for your home. At Zerodraft, we use only the most energy efficient and durable products. The products we use are ENERGY-STAR® qualified. They are twice as efficient as the average window made 10 years ago and they help to reduce interior fading and condensation.

We pride ourselves in our outstanding service and attention to detail. The products we install are only as effective if the work is done properly. Our highly skilled staff takes extra time to properly install and air seal each window and door to ensure longevity of the products and long term comfort. 


undefinedIf your home has very old and/or inefficient windows, it might be more cost-effective to replace them than to try to improve their energy efficiency. New, energy-efficient windows eventually pay for themselves through lower heating and cooling costs, and sometimes even reducing lighting costs. 

We use Soft-Lite Imperial LS vinyl replacement windows and sliding glass doors. Soft-Lite products meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements in all fifty states. 

This type of window has multiple panes of glass that keeps the air you want in, and the air you don’t want out. We also prioritize using the highest quality spray foam insulation to ensure a proper sealing to make your windows last longer and ensure the best results. 

energy efficient windows in syracuse


For our exterior doors we use a variety of reputable suppliers and we will customize them to fit your style, budget and existing frame. We use doors with multiple glass panes which add more insulation and improve your home’s energy efficiency. We also provide the highest quality service for a tighter fit and improved weather stripping to eliminate leakage around the door edges. 

Zerodraft uses core materials that are strong, durable and efficient. We guarantee our customers receive the best service, the highest quality windows and doors at the lowest price.

The Soft-Lite Product Warranty

We offer warranties on our windows and doors because we stand by the quality of our products. The following information outlines our product warranty:

Windows and Patio Doors

Soft-Lite warrants that its windows and patio doors will be free from defects in manufacturing or materials. They also warrant that the hermetic seals of the insulated glass units will be free from defects in manufacturing or materials (that result in a material obstruction of vision as a consequence of film formation caused by dust or condensation). This warranty lasts as long as the windows and/or patio doors, covered by this limited warranty, remain in use at the dwelling.

PVC Coating

Soft-Lite warrants that the PVC coating on the exteriors of its windows and patio doors will not, as a result of natural environmental and atmospheric conditions, peel or blister from the applied surface and will not materially discolor. This warranty lasts for 10 years from the date of installation. See store for more details and limitations.

To learn more about our energy efficient windows and doors call us today at 800-455-9376.