Why Hire a Local Insulation Company Instead of DIY?

Have you taken a close look at your energy bills recently? If they seem higher than you'd like, it may be time to explore ways to increase the efficiency of your home. One of the best things you can do is have insulation installed or updated by a qualified local insulation company. Keep reading to learn why you should hire a local insulation company instead of doing the work yourself.

Install Insulation Properly

When it's done correctly, insulation prevents heated or cooled air from escaping outside. It creates a thermal barrier that keeps your home's indoor temperature consistent and comfortable while also using less energy. Over time, insulation can settle, compact, or otherwise lose some of its efficiency. By having a local insulation company evaluate your insulation needs and then properly installing new insulation, you will begin to notice major efficiency gains.

Know Where Insulation Is Needed

There are a few key areas where insulation should be a priority in your home. Heat rises, so in our experience, much of your home's conditioned air could be escaping through the attic. Our insulation company can add attic insulation if current levels are low. Insulating exterior walls and sealing air leaks around windows, doors, and outlets also prevents energy loss. Additionally, we can make sure that the ducts that distribute heated and cooled air throughout your home are properly insulated to prevent that treated air from being wasted. Our local insulation company can evaluate all these important parts of your home to see where insulation improvements would have the biggest benefit.

Explain How Insulation Keeps Your Home Comfortable

In addition to saving energy and money, proper insulation also enhances comfort. With our insulation installation, drafts will be reduced, floors will be warmer, and temperatures will stay more consistent from room to room. In other words, you'll avoid those hot or cold spots that can be very annoying. Our experts indicate that insulation also absorbs sound as well, so your home may feel quieter. We've noticed that insulation also protects against moisture infiltration, which means better indoor air quality and fewer materials at risk of mold or mildew growth. Investing in insulation is truly a win-win situation; it saves you energy while also making your time at home more enjoyable. We're happy to explain more when you contact us for more information!

Discuss How Much Money You Can Save

The savings you see on energy bills from increased insulation can be substantial. The Environmental Protection Agency found that homeowners saved an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs by air sealing and insulating their homes. According to TodaysHomeOwner.com, in the United States, residential energy use is responsible for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. With rising energy prices, insulation is one of the fastest ways to make your home more affordable. Additionally, insulation also makes your home more comfortable year-round! We're happy to discuss the numbers in more depth with you and provide all the ways that we can save you money.

Understand Local Building Codes

There are also real advantages to choosing a qualified local insulation company rather than a national chain or franchise operation. A local company is more familiar with building codes and climate factors specific to your area that may impact the ideal insulation solutions. They also know which materials and installation methods work best for local homes. A local company is also more conveniently located for appointments and follow-ups. Quick response times for assessments and service calls can save you major hassles.

Help Others in Your Community

Hiring a local small business keeps dollars circulating in your community. However, it's also important to do some due diligence before choosing which insulation company to use. Make sure they have an established track record of success by checking out the customer testimonials on their website. It's also smart to ask for references from recent customers. Since the company is local, some of these references may be from people that you already personally know.

If you think your home could benefit from more insulation, your first step should be to request an assessment from a qualified local insulation company. We can check your current insulation levels, find air leaks, and make professional recommendations for insulation improvements. Call Zerodraft today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!