Albany Homeowners Should be Aware of CO dangers

Feeling Ill? Is it Allergies or Carbon Monoxide?

Insulation in Albany NYHere at Zerodraft, we like to “zero in” on the real causes of your home-related problems. We don’t just address comfort issues, we also look for safety issues, especially when it comes to air quality. As seasonal allergies reach their peak, you may assume that your symptoms are rooted in pollen, dander or mold. Allergies are worth assessing in and of themselves, but you should also consider the possibility that you have carbon monoxide (CO) in the house.

Zerodraft is experienced with insulating New York homes while providing proper ventilation to reduce CO levels. 

Some quick facts about carbon monoxide (CO):

  • CO is produced when any material burns. So furnaces, boilers and even generators are sources of CO and can hurt indoor air quality.
  • CO is dangerous because it is odorless and colorless. If you do not have the proper detection in your home you could be at risk without knowing it.
  • People often suffer from headaches and dizziness when put in contact with excessive CO – sometimes these are mistaken as just allergies.
  • It’s important to properly ventilate and maintain fuel-burning appliances, but that’s not always as simple as it sounds.

Zerodraft recommends having a carbon monoxide detector in your home. But what do you do when carbon monoxide is detected? You call Zerodraft for a home energy audit. Proper insulation, air sealing and ventilation can play a part in indoor air quality. Even your HVAC equipment, such as the furnace, can add to the levels of carbon monoxide in your home. If your HVAC equipment in running inefficiently and your home is not properly ventilated you and your family could be at risk.

Having an attached garage is a common potential CO hazard. If a car is left running in the garage it can contribute greatly to the amount of dangerous CO in the home. Without the proper ventilation this can pose a threat to your air quality and the health of your family.

Why wonder what’s going on? Zerodraft’s home energy evaluations can identify your CO risk and solve the air sealing and ventilation issues. We can also service your furnace or boiler to help reduce the CO in your Albany and Syracuse area home.

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