The High Efficiency Measure Incentive (HEMI)

When you are thinking about updating your home’s heating, cooling, or insulating systems, we strongly recommend looking into various incentives the state and federal government offer to homeowners. 

The High Efficiency Measure Incentive program has been discontinued by NYSERDA effective September 1st 2016. 

undefinedThe state does continue to offer certain grants and access to subsidized interest rates for eligible energy efficiency upgrades, depending on household size, household income, FICO scores and other NYSERDA criteria. Zerodraft's team of knowledgeable professionals will help you reduce your out of pocket costs and accomplish your energy-saving and comfort-related home improvements.  Your Zerodraft Home Energy Specialist will provide you with specific details of all rebates you will be eligible for during your FREE energy evaluation.

If you’re interested in more information on rebates for your home, call us at 877- 978-3069 to learn more and to schedule your free home energy evaluation.