EmPower+ - 50% Subsidy

The EmPower+ Tier III program provides grants to low-income homeowners for up to 50% of costs for energy efficient improvements.

As a subsidy program, you do not need to repay the financial support that you receive. It is a grant instead of a loan, that is given to eligible homeowners to assist them by paying for 50% of the proposed eligible measures up to a maximum award of $5,000. The customer is responsible for paying whatever balance remains on the project costs.

It provides those who qualify with a discount covering 50% of the cost of eligible energy efficiency improvements up to $5,000 per project for single-family homes. Two- to four-unit residential homes with income-eligible residents may qualify for a discount of up to $10,000. The program is available for both renters and owners. 

We know that the financial process can feel overwhelming so our Zerodraft professionals are educated in helping you understand your options and navigate the application process. 

To Qualify for the Grant:

Applicants must be at or below the set income limits for the number of household members. The project must have a minimum standard of energy savings over the expected lifecycle of the improvements.

As a Building Performance Institute (BPI) accredited contractor, Zerodraft Home Energy Specialists will work with you to determine what services and equipment quality and work with you through to find the best financial support for your home energy efficiency projects.

Income Guidelines

Onondaga County income limits based on your household size:

Household Occupancy Household Income Limit
1 Person $52,300.00
2 Person $63,520.00
3 Person $78,464.00
4 Person $93,408.00
5 Person $108,352.00
6 Person $123,296.00
7 Person $126,096.00
8 Person $128,896.00
9 Person $131,696.00
10 Person $134,512.00

EmPower+ Application

Download the EmPower+ Application

Contact Zerodraft to find out if you qualify or call us at (315) 455-9376 to learn more and to schedule your free home energy evaluation.

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