5 Signs You Should Hire an Insulation Company

Having a comfortable environment inside your home is always a priority for homeowners. It ensures you use less energy to be more environmentally friendly and helps prevent respiratory problems due to temperature fluctuations. However, some homes are bound to need insulation repairs as time passes. In this blog, we will discuss the five signs you should hire an insulation company.

1. Higher Energy Bills

If there is a problem with your insulation, your HVAC system will continuously kick on to maintain a comfortable temperature. The additional stress often results in higher energy bills. It's normal to see an increase in energy usage during extreme temperatures. However, if you notice a sudden increase during standard weather, it's a sign there's a problem with your insulation.

2. Outdated Insulation

Many homeowners purchase a home and don't worry about the insulation inside the walls. This often leads to homeowners owning a home that has deteriorated insulation. A thorough evaluation by an insulation company can tell you if you need new insulation. This is necessary before selling your home. According to TodaysHomeOwner.com, 90% of homebuyers want a house with energy-efficient features to lower energy costs, including insulation.

3. Uneven Temperatures

There are two temperature fluctuation types to watch out for. If you notice constant temperature fluctuations in the home, causing your HVAC system to kick on constantly, your insulation has a problem. The temperature in your house can also be uneven. Some rooms may be colder than others, indicating an insulation problem in a specific space.

4. Drafty Areas

Drafts often occur around windows. This is common in older houses where insulation is not correctly placed around the windows during installation. A professional installation company will evaluate the situation and recommend the ideal solution to help seal draft windows. Usually, a can of spray installation and a few hours with a professional will do the trick.

5. Home Renovations

Homeowners taking down a wall for home renovations should hire an insulation company for a thorough evaluation. This is a great time to have a professional assess the insulation in your home. Many homeowners do this if they aren't sure how old the insulation in the house is. It's a great preventative measure.

As you can see, these signs shouldn't be taken lightly. If you notice higher energy bills, outdated insulation, uneven temperatures, drafts, or you are renovating your home, you need to hire an insulation company. Zerodraft specializes in home insulation for your walls, attic, and more. Our professionals can help you determine how to keep your home comfortable. Contact us today to learn more.